Why I Focus on Social Media Marketing Over SEO

4 Things You Must Have For a Successful Video Course

With the availability of new software tools, everyone now has the capability of creating video courses right at home. If you are ready to create your own video course, let’s talk about four things that your course must have to go off like a charm with your customers.

Professional Website Video Production Increases Site Traffic

Video for websites is vital for companies vying for a top position among search engine rankings among Google, Yahoo, and Bing. High quality video with crystal clear sound impresses potential clients and customers which visit your website. Not only are they impressive, but they can dramatically increase your search engine rankings. Each time Google users search for video, your website will be among the results.

7 Tips For Online Powerful Marketing With Video

Marketing with video is a powerful way to tell your story online. Companies and small businesses spend millions trying to catch the audience eyes.

Time to Optimize Your Video

Video marketing is a tricky business – I love it to death, but it’s hard to do something truly well when there are not set rules. But, that’s the Internet marketing business for you, right? A whole bunch of things that seem like they have rules, but really just consist of marketers like you and me throwing darts at an unmarked board. So, when it comes to getting your videos out there and actually dinging enough traffic on your site, you’ll need a plan, but one that can be adapted and revised as needed.

How to Make Money With YouTube

Make full use of this site to make some good money out of it, for free! What can you promote on YouTube?

YouTube Marketing Made Easy – Promote Your Business With YouTube

You can tap into this vast market with a few simple videos that you can create easily. Here is how you can start.

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