Why Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Work (For Most People)

What Is the Future Craze of Internet Marketing?

Good question. For the past decade the craze has been Article Marketing! Article marketing has produced millions of online dollars. It has been the best way to get backlinks and visitors to your website, bar none. But the future may hold something just a little different to produce traffic to your site…

How to Optimize Your Online Video to Drive Traffic to Your Website

I am sure you have heard of YouTube by now. It was bought by Google a few years ago for an outrageous amount of money. Google knew back then what we all know now; that video is the king of the Internet and it will get even bigger in the coming years. YouTube has now more searches than Google itself and as it is part of Google it helps making Google the force to recon with when engaging in the digital marketing world. Video is one of the top tools to make your product or service stand out. If you are not using Video on your website, you need to get started right now. I am going to give you a brief overview on how to use video properly on your website. Here are some suggestions on when you should use a video

Taking Your Embroidery Business To The Next Level Through Video Marketing

Whether you’re selling embroidery garments over the Internet or are making free embroidery designs with the intent of selling their patent to embroidery companies later on, generating profits through embroidery can be a challenging task. This is especially true nowadays as many embroidery entrepreneurs are competing both online and in the market to sell their products. However, it is also worth noting that many entrepreneurs who created a career out of embroidery managed to do so because they know how to appropriately market their products to the right customers using the right marketing methods. Hence, it is therefore safe to say that the key to standing out in your niche market is to make use of unique marketing methods to advertise one’s business. And what better way to make a name for your embroidery business than by using video marketing.

Using YouTube For Marketing And Promotion

Tips for using YouTube for marketing. Learn how to use YouTube to market your videos.

Online Video Optimization

Online video optimization tips. Learn tips for optimizing your video for promotion.

Making Video Clips Made Simple And Easy

Tips for making video clips. Learn how to make video clips simply and easily.

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