Why Your Lead Magnet Isn’t Working — & How to Fix It!

Can Someone Really Blog With Video Marketing For Cash?

One of the greatest advantages of video marketing is the search engines love to rate videos heavier than any other content. Yes, the search engines even rate videos more than text. As a video internet marketer, you have to improve your rankings by providing the search engines with lots of fresh new videos.

Business Advertising By Means Of Video Marketing

Business branding is a phrase we hear often but what exactly does it mean with regard to Video Marketing. Business branding with graphics establishes a visible queue to identify products, services, or a corporation as a whole by customers and potential customers alike. A graphics design is an effective way to create an association between a design and a product in the mind of the person.

Things to Know When Hiring a Video Marketing Company

Before you are able to take advantage of the emergent promotional strategy that is web video marketing, first you will need to be able to produce the highest quality videos possible in order to reach the widest prospective audience. To do this successfully, there are a number of steps you will need to follow to ensure that your video is the best that it can be.

How to Write a Video Script

Two of the first (and easiest) videos you should create for your business are a “welcome” video and an “about me” video. A welcome video, as the name implies, is a short video on your home page welcoming visitors to your website.

10 Reasons to Include a Video on Your Website

In today’s web based business world, companies have become increasingly competitive in pushing for the most interactive and stimulating web experience they can achieve. Today’s business owners are acutely aware that in order to set themselves apart from the competition they need a website that can capture the visitor’s attention and educate them on the company’s history, products and services. Web videos are one highly effective and inexpensive means of enhancing your website and ensuring that visitors stay on your site longer.

The Importance of Positivity in Viral Videos

Viral video marketing is not a random, happenstance event. If you carefully construct your video and include a positive, uplifting message, you can increase your views and shares significantly.

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