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Is Facebook Putting YouTube Out of Business?

YouTube and Facebook are head to head in competition with the social media world. Fears that one over the other will go out of business due to the success of another branch. This is a blog on how to use Facebook’s video uploader sufficiently and longer than YouTube.

10 Tips For Using Video to Market Your Business

It’s pretty amazing how video is quickly becoming the #1 method used to sell on the internet. No matter what product or service you offer, you should be using video to market your business.

How to Transmit a Marketing Virus – Not Doing it Could Kill Your Weight Loss Business!

Viral Marketing is a relatively new strategy to do one thing: spread the word that your website exists and is worth visiting. No, you don’t create an actual virus, as in a computer virus, you create a “buzz” to get people talking about your site or something unique within your website.

Top Ten Reasons to Use a Professional Video Production Company

In the case of video marketing or online advertising, an effective video is the meaningful right blend of good quality of audio and well directed visuals. Whether it is visuals or sound quality, any small mistake can be easily pin pointed and negatively affects the enthusiasm in viewing. Many time’s poor quality videos have resulted in negative publicity of a product or service.

Viral Marketing – A Brief Look

Viral marketing is a phrase that was coined some years ago to describe a phenomenon in which successful advertising campaigns spread like a “virus.” In order to get a full understanding of how it works, you might want to invest in an ebook. But, this page will give you an overview of the subject.

Easy Video Marketing With Outsourcing

Video marketing is one the hottest Internet advertising tools happening today. The ability to show off products and staff is very effective in creating the necessary trust and rapport that’s needed to make sales on the web. Even better, videos are the most often searched source of information, and that will only become stronger as the years go by.

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