YouTube Quizzes are OVERPOWERED

Video Marketing – 3 Strategies to Overcome Newbie Nervousness

This useful guide from an experienced marketing professional helps newcomers to the world of internet marketing learn proven techniques to enable you to overcome fears and nervousness about using the video medium to promote your brand or your product. This article provides guidance on the importance of preparation, ensuring that you allow your natural personality to shine through, and an often overlooked technique which professionals use to connect directly with a viewing audience.

How to Get More Views on Your YouTube Videos

Marketing your home based business using YouTube videos is a great way to get more traffic to your business website or blog. Lots of time and energy can be spent on making these videos and uploading them to YouTube. However, if your videos don’t get many views they’re probably doing you little good.

Surviving the YouTube Slap Part 2 – The Intermediate User

As an experienced YouTube user you know the value gained by posting relevant content, participating in the community, viewing others videos and posting comments, and have likely grown your following organically as a result of the value you bring. If you are like me you also had no idea that having more than one account could put your entire YouTube strategy at risk.

Video Trumps SERP Results

Google loves video now more than ever. As Google refines it’s search engine, video is scoring higher and higher. What does this mean for your website?

Free Video Submissions – Should You Be Mass Submitting Your Videos?

Does submitting one video to dozens of video sites help you get more traffic? And do these videos actually provide some sort of Search Engine Optimization value to your website? These are a couple of questions that I wanted to take a brief look at today.

Vision Mapping – 3 Reasons to Use Video Marketing

Video marketing is a very hot marketing and advertising tool to use to promote any of your products, services, business and event entities. There are several different kinds of video venues that are available and all of them work well, however, we are going to discuss only three of what I think are the most effective and why.

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