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Top Reasons For Using Online Video in Your Business

Here are some top reasons for using online video. Please let me know if you have some additional reasons. Reach – The current popularity of online video is obvious to most out there, with YouTube passing 100 million users at the beginning of 2009.

Video For Small Business – It’s Time to Jump In

In my career I’ve worked with, and for, many types and sizes of business, providing video production and post-production services as well as audio editing and music composition. While reasons for not implementing “multimedia” in-house (equipment too expensive, programs too hard to learn, the need to hire additional resources) may have been valid several years ago it’s just not the case anymore.

The Importance of Video Marketing For Your Business

You own a small business and you are trying to increase the visibility of your business; this is the very reason why you need to use Internet video marketing in the operation of your business. Here are a few facts that you might not have thought about when dealing with video marketing.

Using Movie Maker To Brand Videos

The point of this piece of writing is to demonstrate to you, at no cost, the process of branding AVI or other files that you might have sitting on your hard drive. Windows Movie Maker is a free tool that you will find on all Windows operating systems to include older versions such as ME and ’98.

How a Major Tech Company’s New Phone Will Be a Game Changer For Video Production and Marketing

With Apple’s CEO Steve Job’s announcement of his new phone in June of 2010 at the Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, the company basically threw down the gauntlet on how video is going to be viewed, produced and shared in the near future with some of those results and outcomes that remain to be seen. The company unveiled the following features on their Apple 4G phone that directly changes the rules and affects video marketing.

Video Marketing – Planning For Continuity Ties Together an Online Video Series

Continuity ties each segment of a television series together and joins films together into a series. Continuity is the same characters, plot formulas, set design and costumes. You don’t have to have the budget of a Spielberg, however if your plan includes these five points you can have an impactful video series.

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